Friday, March 23, 2012

Short-Lived Satisfaction

There is nothing more tempting than seeing a bunch of desperate girls dancing to entice and influence the secretion of boys' sex hormones. You see, neural stimuli affects the release of testosterone and adrenaline....(i know you're the least bit interested). Last night, I incidentally attended an open party; and like any other, low-spirited girls (assuming from their color-coded bracelet glow sticks that indicate their single status) - which is totally utterly inconspicuous of their dejected feelings, dance their hearts out in hope for a slow dance or maybe a grind with a stranger. In my opinion and experience, girls dance to purposely erase their memories of their special someone and replace it with someone's who they don't know for greater effect. Boys, on the other hand, with or without the aid of courage-liberating alcohol, ask to dance with girls for two reasons - the first being the same of the girls. The second is simple, because they want to fuck.  

The entirety of the whole place is disgusting with hired dancers on the stage, nonchalant smoking on the dance floor and obvious desperation of girls. All this is but a joke. The short-lived satisfaction that spurs out from the lips and tongues of two strangers makes you feel alive. I should know. The moment before they sleep they wish to relive that moment in their minds the boy's arms around their waists, their fingers intertwined with each other and their face side by side. They feel hopeless because such affection has a inevitable expiration date. It feeds their sadness even more knowing that there's not an easy-way-out to forget things. You can't skip the process and speed up time.

I guess I wrote this because I'm so tired of the entire boy-grinds-with-girl scene knowing that anything that propagates from this is barren. Don't force it. Love will come back.

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